Messages in a Bottle

From an email message to Alumni Director Susan Fitzpatrick ’87. Mr. Lorenz attended the 2018 Golden Graduate Reunion and helped lead the procession of graduates into Abel Arena during the Commencement ceremony May 5.

Susan, now that all of the graduations, both high school and college, are over and a whole new season will shortly be gearing up, both my bride of 55 years and I would like to thank you and all of the LSSU people who made our visit a most memorable one.

Lorenz's and Kevin KreigNot a day has gone by, when a memory of our current visit was mingled with my time on the campus in the 1955 through the 1957 years. What made it even more memorable was that I could see the changes made through the eyes of my grandson, Kevin Kreig, who graduated from LSSU this past spring. What a privilege to be part with my fellow “Golden Grads” to lead the Class of 2018 to their ceremonies. Just to add to that, what a privilege it was to pass through the lines of distinguished educators who were applauding as we passed by. Wow!

Needless to say, it was then I came to realize that there were no pockets in the gown I was wearing and that there was no way I could reach the pocket with my handkerchief to dry the tears from my eyes

To digress, it might be appropriate at this time, to share an actual event that happened in one of the late Bud Cooper’s classes:

Coach Cooper wanted all the young men to come to know the fine arts of pugilistic training. To do so and to be as fair as possible, he lined up his young men by height. (Please keep in mind that, at that time, I was 6’6″ tall and weighed 145 lbs, soaking wet).     My opponent was approximately 6′ tall and weighed around 200 lbs. If I recall, his name was Stewart.

We put on the gloves and squared off in the ring. From then on I don’t remember what happened but after I struggled up to my feet I realized that something had to change. So after class I went to Mr. Cooper’s office to discuss my problem. His response was: “You’re in college now, you should be able to figure it out!”

It took me several days to build up enough confidence to “confront my opponent.” It turned out, after a very good discussion, I discovered that he was a Golden Gloves Champion for Canada. I also discovered that he couldn’t draw a straight line with a ruler if his life depended on it. Needless to say, I agreed to help him with his Mechanical Drawing Course and he helped me with boxing. A win/win for both of us!

Somewhere in all that is a valuable lesson in life.

Again Susan, Thanks for the Memories!

Harlan Lorenz
Soo Tech Class of 1957
Farmington, Mich.

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