Hello Fellow Lakers,

Alex Bozymowski Last March, during all the madness, I sat down to watch the first round of the NCAA Hockey Tournament, Michigan Tech vs. Notre Dame. I quickly found myself not knowing who to root for. A no-brainer you would think, after all, Tech is a Michigan school and Yoopers to boot, and though we are now rivals, our schools have that shared history.

But Notre Dame has sort of become our home field over the last 35 years. An easy 30 mile drive from home, we find ourselves on campus regularly for sporting and other events. I first reconnected with LSSU at an alumni social there, prior to a LSSU/ND women's basketball game. Plus, Notre Dame's head coach is Jeff Jackson, who helped author a great chapter of LSSU hockey history. Whenever I tell an Irish fan I went to Lake State, they usually reply with, "We stole your coach."

I did not learn until Michigan Tech lost, in dramatic overtime fashion, that their head coach Joe Shawhan also has an LSSU connection, maybe one even greater than Jeff Jackson's. Coach Shawhan not only played and coached at LSSU but is also a Soo native. Barry Melrose, one of the game announcers and former NHL head coach, talked at length about Lake State and the history the two coaches shared. He seemed to know a lot about LSSU, and hearing him talk made me proud. At the same time, Loyola of Chicago had just made the "Elite Eight" in the NCAA basketball tournament. News stories of the day were filled with accounts of triple the normal traffic volume at their campus bookstore. Many swag items sold out in hours and would be on back order for weeks. I guess they were proud of their school too. There were also predictions that enrollment and donations to the foundation would increase dramatically. It happened here at LSSU too during those championship years, or so I am told. Now, I guess I understand "fandom" and our desire to be associated with a winner, to bask in the reflected glory of those we have long rooted for. But why do we so often wait for those moments that seem so few and far between? As Laker Alums, we are more than just fans. We are a part of Lake State and Lake State is a part of us, no matter how big or how small. Remember to show your Laker pride loudly every day. Don't just be a fan, be a cheerleader!

Speaking of being a cheerleader for LSSU, the best way I know how is to buy a LSSU license plate for your vehicle. Your initial $35 then $10 per year thereafter, directly supports LSSU and the work of the Alumni Association. Don't wait until the State says it's time to buy a new plate - consider buying an LSSU plate the next time you have to renew. Then you can show your Laker pride wherever you go. An easy way to get an LSSU plate is to join the Alumni Association as a premium member. One of the benefits of membership is that the Alumni Association covers the cost of the LSSU license plate.

Finally, I would like to recognize and thank those whose terms on the Alumni Board will be ending this fall:

Andrew Burnham, Class of 2000 - Florida
Nathan Stump, Class of 2014 - Now of Denver
Kalev Kommusaar, Class of 1973 - Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

Although they may no longer be serving actively on the Alumni Board, all have agreed to assist with alumni events and socials in their geographic areas. Thank you Gentleman!

Alex Bozymowski, Jr., president
LSSU Alumni Association
Class of 1975

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