Kaolity Kargo

From Humor to Harmony, Koality Kargo is Making Art Punny

Koality Kargo began as an idea of Kody Wagner’s, stemming from a public relations class taught by former LSSU Professor Dr. Katey Price in 2016. For that class, students were required to manage certain scenarios through the lens of a public relations specialist. The class was only the inception of the idea however, and in 2019 Kody began manufacturing goods and marketing different products online for sale.

Kargo Design 2

“I began Koality Kargo as a possible T-Shirt company, where I would sell my digital designs to be put on shirts and other goods,” said Kody. “I had an iPad, YouTube, and a lot of time between some key classes on campus. I would play around with it, make designs for class, and note things I learned or figured out. By the end of that semester I had figured out about 80% of what I know now about the subject but I am still learning new things every day as I create.”

Kody’s love for making art started in middle school, where he would take home his work and push it a little further than what was expected in school. Learning something that wasn’t included in class, or figuring out how to one-up everyone at the assignment.

His creative inspirations usually come from his personal sense of humor and harmony. “My art ranges from this is based off of a pun as inspiration, to this is how I felt during an extremely tumultuous time in life. So I’d say my observances and my lease that I view the world through definitely helps fuel the internal creativity.”

Kargo Design 1As a student at LSSU, Kody took one art class. This class was a mixed media art class consisting of paintings, drawing and fundamentals taught by former Professor Lloyd Eddy. ”This class reinvigorated what I had not gotten to do in a long time, which was physical-medium art. I think the class in general, being something I could play with and something I was already confident in, helped me get back into that “play” headspace that makes some of the best art. I painted some of my most recent and possibly best examples of art during that class.”

Koality Kargo’s name, like Kody’s art, was inspired by his love of puns and the company is nothing short of one. However, he wants to ensure his clients know what they’re getting. “They’re truly always getting Quality Cargo from me. Sometimes that cargo is a physical good and sometimes it’s a digital hood, but regardless once it arrives to the customer, we guarantee the Koality of the Kargo. I also have a soft spot for Koalas and they add a soft touch to the business itself.

Koality Kargo’s is currently taking orders for the holiday season, click here to view their shop.

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