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Audrey Fink '15, The Constipated Elephant a mystery at Pennington House

The Constipated Elephant is a mystery of a ninety-nine-year-old lady, Claire, who spins her life out to her nurse, Rosie. In turn, Rosie desires to write Claire's life story. Her husband, John, who works for the FBI warns Rosie to be careful. Humor, serious, and sorry tales evolve either through Claire's conversation or in her journal, at which Rosie finds and copies it, discovering how Claire's secret desire is not to let her children ever know what truly happened in her life. Sheriff George is out of the picture in this one as it involves FBI. However, he is asked to help out with his local knowledge of the main character.


Sue Harrison '71, The Midwife's Touch

Set in the Missouri Ozarks and in New York City in the mid-1800s, The Midwife's Touch is a genre bender--historical with a touch of fantasy. Named for a broken china plate, China Creed grows up in a family torn apart by her curse--she has inherited the ability to grant wishes. China and her widowed mother do all they can to keep her "gift" a secret, but it is unpredictable and difficult to hide. When her mother apprentices her to a Cherokee midwife, China earns a respected place in their small Ozark community. However, a romantic relationship with the town doctor eventually draws her into the exotic world of New York City's Gilded Age. Eventually betrayed by the people she trusts, China must rely on her back-country survival skills and her gift of wishes to escape those who would enslave her." The Midwife's Touch, is slated for release February 7, 2023. Available for preorder with all ebook retailers. Will be available in print as well.


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