Automate Show and Conference

Engineering Alumni Fellow Awards for 2021 and 2022

The School of Engineering and Technology (SET) recognized two outstanding engineering alumni – Craig Salvalaggio for the 2022 award and Jason Schopp for the 2021 award.  Due to the pandemic and with limited in person events in the SET, both Craig and Jason were recognized and given the awards in person at the Automate Show and Conference in Detroit on June 7, 2022 in front of LSSU’s booth (LSSU Robotics was invited to host a booth in this event).
Craig Salvalaggio receiving award

Craig Salvalaggio receiving award with Diane Haig, Chief Knowledge Officer at Applied Manufacturing Technologies on his right and on his left Dr. Kimberly Muller, Dean of the College of Innovation and Solutions and Prof. Devaprasad

Craig Salvalaggio ’03:
Craig Salvalaggio is the Chief Operating Officer of AMT. He leads overall operations of Applied Manufacturing Technologies along with sales, engineering, and talent management. His technical skills in automation and robotics combined with his leadership ability, led to his current role. His strategic mission is to continue driving growth and diversity of both the systems and services market segments. Craig brings over 19 years of automation experience to AMT and holds a BS in mechanical engineering with the robotics concentration from Lake Superior State University, a masters in operations management, and an MBA from Kettering University. Craig is actively involved in the Robotics Industry Association (RIA) as a board of director, committee member, and the Co-Chair of the Certified Integrator Committee.

“We at AMT were fortunate to hire CS from LSSU 19 years ago. He has been an outstanding technical and business leader during his entire career. He has certainly earned the recognition as LSSU Outstanding Alumni Award. Craig is passionate about supporting and mentoring the next generation of contributors and leaders.  Much of AMT’s growth and success is due to Craig’s know-how and leadership. I know of no more deserving person than CS.”
-Mike Jacobs, CEO of Applied Manufacturing Technologies in Orion, MI.
Jason Schopp receiving award

Jason Schopp receiving award with Prof. Devaprasad on his right and Dr. Kimberly Muller, Dean of the College of Innovation and Solutions on his left

Jason Schopp ’04:

Jason Schopp graduated in 2004 with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering with a concentration in Robotics from Lake Superior State University. Prior to pursuing his degree at LSSU, Jason served in the United States Marine Corps for four years between 1995-1999. Upon graduating, he accepted a position with JR Automation as a controls engineer in Holland, Michigan. Jason has worked at JR for 18 years progressing in rank from controls engineer, to controls engineering manager, to business unit manager, to general manager, to now as VP of Operations in 2020. Jason has been a significant contributor to various automation projects in a variety of industries including automotive, aerospace, medical, electronics, and pharmaceutical. He oversees projects, which are custom turnkey automation solutions, up to $100 million in value. The projects’ successes has resulted in very satisfied repeat customers for JR. When Jason joined JR in 2004, JR had about 125 employees.  Today JR has over 2000 dedicated employees and, needless to say, Jason did play a key role in the successes at JR.


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