LSSU Among Best Colleges in America by Money Magazine

Money Magazine Lists LSSU as One of the Best Colleges in America for 2023

Twenty-three institutions in Michigan were recently named to Money Magazine’s Best Colleges in America list, which is an analysis that looks at graduation lists, tuition, financial aid and alumni salaries. Rather than ranking colleges, Money Magazine uses a six-star rating system to develop the list. For many students, the cost of college is a huge factor for choosing whether to attend college or struggle to graduate once they do attend. .

Money Magazine began with over 2,400 four-year institutions (both public and private) with at least 500 undergraduate students. The colleges were ranked in three categories including :

  • Quality of Education
  • Affordability
  • Outcomes, including alumni earnings

“While the underlying methodology is similar to previous years, the new rating system can help families with their college search by highlighting the variety (and diversity) of high-value colleges in the U.S.,” Money Magazine said, “We hope the ratings show that, depending on your individual characteristics, priorities and goals, there may be multiple top colleges to consider.”

To read more about the methodology Money Magazine used to comprise the list and to learn which other universities were included in the list, click here.