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Wink Alert From Lake Superior State University On The 50th Anniversary Of Its Department Of Natural Unicorns: Show Love To The Legendary Horned Creatures By Not Hunting Them On Valentine’s Day

The Department of Natural Unicorns at Lake Superior State University celebrates its 50th anniversary with a wink alert: feel free to devour chocolate delectables, arrange rose bouquets, and pen poetic tributes on Valentine’s Day—but do not, under any circumstances, hunt unicorns on Feb. 14.

“A half-century ago, Lake Superior State University smiled as it established one of the most fantastic branches of pursuit in all of higher education: the Department of Natural Unicorns. Over the decades, countless questers at LSSU, across the U.S., and around the world have not only embraced the unique search but also suspended their affectionate trail on Valentine’s Day as a further gesture of endearment toward the prized figures,” said Game Warden of the Department of Natural Unicorns, Peter Szatmary, who also doubles as executive director of marketing and communications at LSSU. “Unicorn hunters understand the importance of the 24-hour pause in the fabulous chase just as they know that questing hours normally run day and night except when the Tooth Fairy or Santa Claus is around because there’s only so much magic available at one time.” Read more.

Banished Words List

COVID-19 Terminology Tops Lake Superior State University’s Annual Banished Words List Just In Time For The Vaccination Rollout

Enough already with COVID-19! People across the U.S. and around the world let Lake Superior State University know that they’re tired not only of the coronavirus pandemic but also of hearing, reading, and talking about it—especially when the communication is bad or excessive. COVID-19 terminology monopolized submissions for LSSU’s annual Banished Words List this year. Out of 1,450-plus nominations, upwards of 250 of the words and terms suggested for banishment for overuse, misuse, or uselessness relate to the coronavirus. In fact, seven of the 10 words and terms that LSSU is banishing for 2021 are about it. Ranked No. 1 to get rid of is what started of all this: “COVID-19” itself. Read more.

Morrie Walworth

Lake Superior State University CFO Morrie Walworth Announces Upcoming Retirement

Morrie Walworth, vice president for finance and operations at Lake Superior State University, has announced his retirement effective Aug. 1, 2021. Holding numerous academic and administrative positions at LSSU over an illustrious 30-year career, he has been chief financial officer since January 2016. A search is underway to fill the position. Read more.

Dr. Stephen Kolomyjec

LSSU’s Dr. Stephen Kolomyjec Named Faculty Coordinator Of Hunt Creek Field Station

Lake Superior State University Assistant Professor of Biology Dr. Stephen Kolomyjec has been named faculty coordinator of the LSSU Hunt Creek Field Station in Lewiston, MI. LSSU collaborates with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources on managing the 2,776-acre nature preserve, which has been a research site since 1939. Read more