Students in Lab Photo

Academic Spotlights

This is the second segment of an ongoing series focusing on the outstanding work being done by LSSU faculty and students.  Watch in future editions for submissions from other areas of excellence at Lake State.

MCOLES Students Using Criminalistics Lab and Criminal Justice Simulation Building

These photos showcase current MCOLES students in the Norris Center Criminalistics lab using the fingerprint comparison scope,  doing a ballistic comparison of stippling and gunpowder residue to determine distance from the firearm barrel to the impact point, lastly fingerprint dusting multiple objects. The photographic images in the CJ Sims building show photography of a firearm in the mock convenience store, ballistic rods showing angles of impact in the wall, finally students using the dark room to collect images of developed fingerprints on the reflective surface.

Nursing Students Using the WMH/LSSU Superior Simulation Center

The WMH/LSSU Superior Simulation Center is an innovative instructional program and learning center that provides challenging and immersive simulation training through the use of the latest simulation technologies for nurses, paramedics, public service agents, and other practicing professionals.