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Laker Love Stories

Sharing how Laker spouses met, while attending Lake State.

Zach and Jeanna Trotman: I first saw Zach during the NCAA compliance meeting with all of the student athletes in the first day of school and he first saw me at the QD after practice one day. I kept stats for the sports information director so I tracked his plus/minus for his sophomore and junior season. We laugh now that it took us a while, but we started dating in March of 2011. We got married in 2017, both with our former Laker teammates standing up there by our sides. I remember very early on while at LSSU, we both laid out what our career goals were… I wanted to be a sports broadcaster and he wanted to be in the NHL. We just agreed then that we would go for it together and here we are now… a family with a new baby boy. But it all started as Lakers!

Michael and Carol Gallinat: We both smiled at each other as we were walking around campus during freshman orientation week (1981). During one of those times I (Michael Gallinat) asked Carol (Koshko) for her Osborn Hall phone number. As she was reciting it I pulled out a sheet of paper with a long list of phone numbers of girls from Osborn Hall. Hers was the only number I wanted – the other ones were just practice until I worked up the courage to ask for hers. Classmates used to call us Carol and Mike “Brady”. We discovered we were both Fish & Wildlife majors – and have been together ever since (Class of 1985).

Corey and Norma Phillips: I first saw Corey Phillips my second year attending lake state when his roommate starting dating one of my suite mates/best friend. We even played during our free time a friendly game of tennis with them. We ended up dating the following year August 2013. In August 2015 we married with some of our close Laker Family at our side. Laker Fans for Life!

Haley and Jeremy Hepfer: Jeremy and I first met as I was down in the CA’s office in Osborn looking to borrow a screwdriver to fix my desk hutch. He was coming out of the office and heard my request, and offered one he had in his truck. He was moving dorms and said he would take my number and call me when he was done but he didn’t know my name and his phone never saved the number with no name attached. A week later he transferred into one of my courses and by fate we were grouped together for a group project. I confronted him about never calling me back, and it’s been a running joke ever since. We started dating shortly after that 2008. We married in 2012 and have two beautiful girls together.