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All That Glitters is Not GoldDawnlyn Holman ’15, All that Glitters is not Gold: A Collection of Short Stories

“Eight timeless tales. ”There once was a land before the humans roamed. A lost sketchbook makes a long trip to find its rightful owner. A young girl waits for the note that will change her life forever. A father now serves two huge roles in his family. A couple struggles through the rough patches. Three strangers are brought together through circumstances are forced to lean on each other. A barista and a banker’s lives barrel out of control with one trigger, and a young boy experiences the growing pains of life and fights against generational wreckage.“All that glitters is not gold” is a collection of short stories for the young and young at heart.

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One Crazy Time Cover

Stephanie Flynn ’20, One Crazy Time: A Time Travel Romance

A grieving widower investigates the old abandoned building where the fateful accident happened ten years ago. When Dylan falls back through time, can he convince his wife to give him the second chance he doesn’t deserve? This is a standalone time travel romance short story.

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Houghton The Birthplace of Professional Hockey Cover

William Sproule ’68, Houghton The Birthplace Of Professional Hockey

The story of how a Canadian-born dentist and Houghton entrepreneur changed hockey by openly paying players to come to Michigan’s Copper Country to play hockey. In the early days of hockey it was a game for amateurs, however there were rumors that some players were secretly paid. It was not until 1903 that Jack “Doc” Gibson and James R. Dee decided to recruit the best players from Canada and pay them to play for the Portage Lake (Houghton) hockey team. The team won the 1904 U.S. Championship and defeated a team from Montreal for what was billed as the World’s Championship. Following this successful season, Gibson and Dee began promoting the idea of a  hockey league and in December1904 play began in the International Hockey League (IHL). The league had five teams – Calumet, Pittsburgh, Portage Lake, Sault Ste. Marie Michigan, and Sault Ste. Marie Ontario, and although the league lasted only three seasons it was the start of professional hockey. The book explores the early hockey history in Canada and the United States, the Stanley Cup, early hockey in the Copper Country, the original International Hockey League, the teams and players in the league, and what happened after the league folded.

“Several years ago I volunteered to teach a hockey history course at Michigan Tech and as I gathered materials I discovered a newspaper clipping that indicated that professional hockey started in Houghton. For someone born and raised in Canada, I was intrigued and wanted to discover more so I spent many days reading books, articles, and old newspapers to uncover the story and the book was the result of all that digging.”
“Lake Superior State has always been a special place for me. When I graduated from high school in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, I was not accepted into a Canadian university but Lake Superior State took a chance and I am forever grateful and I have had an amazing career.”


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