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Lake State Athletics Department Commits to Vision with Employee Contributions

Behind every successful organization there is a vision. A set of common of goals, objectives or long-term aspirations in which it believes can be accomplished.

For that vision to become a reality, it takes a team 100 percent dedicated to reaching those goals. It takes a group willing to trust the process, accept the challenges that come along with it, and make sacrifices for the greater good.

Under the leadership of first-year Director of Athletics, Dr. David Paitson, the Lake Superior State Athletics Department has shown its dedication to their vision with each staff member making a personal financial investment in the form of a bi-weekly payroll deduction program.

“We are very proud of our athletics staff for their commitment to our student athletes and dedication to Lake State,” said Lake Superior State President, Peter Mitchell. “Their loyalty, leadership and teamwork is vividly displayed in their 100 percent participation in donating to LSSU through payroll deduction. They embody Laker Pride on and off the playing field.”

Big changes come from small steps. Our staff is committed to creating positive change for Laker Athletics. I am thrilled with their dedication to our vision as a department and thankful for their individual contributions.Director of Athletics, Dr. David Paitson

With all 23 staff members making a financial pledge to the LSSU Foundation through the payroll deduction program, they become the second department on campus with a 100 percent staff participation in this program.

“Achieving 100 percent participation in giving to LSSU by the coaches and administration is simply outstanding,” said LSSU Foundation Executive Director Tom Coates. “Their example is something for other departments to emulate and our student-athletes to follow when the time is right for them to support Laker Athletics as alumni.”

All funds collected annually through payroll deduction will go directly back into the Athletics operating budget to help in various areas of need.

As a whole, the Athletics department’s vision will align with the overall mission of the University. An increased emphasis on a quality educational experience and a growth in student enrollment creates positive change in all areas of the institution. Laker Athletics recognizes its role in this mission.

“Believe in Blue” is the phrase that resonates throughout the Laker Athletics program. It’s a phrase that represents the department’s pride and commitment to excellence and is something that is exemplified through this gesture.

About the Author

Cullen MaksimowskiCullen Maksimowski
Sports Information & Communication Specialist

Cullen graduated from Central Michigan University in 2016 with B.A.A in Integrative Public Relations and Sport Management. Prior to joining LSSU as the Athletic Communications Director in November, Cullen was an athletic communications assistant at Cornerstone University and spent four years as a student assistant in CMU Athletic Communications Department. In his spare time, Cullen enjoys hiking, backpacking, kayaking and mountain biking.