Dr. Peter Mitchell, LSSU President

Every day is a great day at Lake State

“It’s a great day at Lake State, how can I help you?” That’s what you’ll hear when you call any office at Lake Superior State University. It’s not a marketing ploy, it’s a heartfelt statement that captures a university finding its groove and stepping boldly into a very promising future.

The past almost nine months have been filled with great days. We set five major goals for the 2017-18 academic year:

In terms of the goals, applications for admissions have more than doubled and the Fall to Spring Semester retention rate of 94.4% was the highest in LSSU’s history; up 3.5% from last year and up 2.6% from the previous historic high. We raised over $2.8 million for CFRE and the Hatchery. The new Strategic Direction is returning the academic focus to our outstanding career-oriented programs. We hired an excellent new President who will lead LSSU into a very promising future. The fifth goal of developing a sound financial model will be the primary focus for the remaining three months.

In addition to these goals, we secured a $500,000 gift from War Memorial Hospital to create an international simulation center for our Nursing and health care programs. But best of all, the Laker Spirit has not only been rekindled, it has become ablaze with excitement. There is a palpable sense of optimism, hope and confidence permeating the campus.

Every day is a great day at Lake State. It’s not because of the accomplishments, although they bring joy and pride. It’s not because of the facilities, although they are attractive. It’s because of the people. It’s students who are authentic and endearing; it’s faculty who are intellectually vibrant but also deeply caring; it’s staff who are remarkably talented and dedicated.

Every day, I see evidence of a very special place that is having a profound impact on young minds and hearts. Every day I am inspired by myriad acts of kindness. Every day I am amazed that a university that is so modest and humble can be so powerful and impactful in the lives of the students and the outreach into the community.

Every day is a great day at Lake State!

Peter T. Mitchell
Peter T. Mitchell, Ed.D.