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Dr. Stephen Kolomyjec

With funding from the Huron Mountain Wildlife Foundation, Dr. Stephen Kolomyjec, zoologist, took two LSSU undergraduate research students (Eric Somsky, Fisheries and Wildlife, and Mallory McNulty, Conservation Biology) to the Huron Mountain Club for 8 days to perform a biological survey of freshwater sponges. During that period, 455 freshwater sponge specimens were collected from 10 lakes and 3 rivers. This presentation by Dr. Kolomyjec will explore the biology of Michigan's freshwater sponges and present the exciting findings of this survey. This successful project will add several species of freshwater sponge to the Huron Mountain Club's All Taxa Biodiversity Index (ATBI) while providing valuable field and lab experience to the students. Click here to watch the presentation. 

Prof. Jason Swedene

Dr. Jason Swedene will discuss how three major philosophers understood anxiety and explore these ideas' significance for our modern ailments in our modern times. Click here to watch the presentation. 

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