Messages in a Bottle

Note to LSSU Engineering Professor Jim Devaprasad:

Short Story for you.

I had one of the moms whose son attended LSSU over 5 years ago. She talks about a student who attended MSU or U of M. The student needed help on an assignment and stood at the professor’s door for assistance for hours. As the clock turn 11:00 pm he was next in line to see the professor’s assistant when the door opened to the professor’s office and the professor’s assistant said that was all the students they would see that night. The student left the professor’s office with no help after spending at least four hours in line to talk with the professor’s assistants. The mother told her son that he was lucky that he went to a university, LSSU, that had professors who were always available to help the students.

 “ LSSU puts students first and the professors are always there to assist the students.”

Frederick Berg ‘83
Senior Program Manager
Nexteer Automotive
Saginaw, MI

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