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Michaela Titus Two Books

Michaela Titus ’20,  gin & adrenaline and the sequel: these unholy hands

gin & adrenalineWalking a fragile line between honesty and cheating, gin & adrenaline is a story of love, aching, and heartbreak. It’s an exploration of the intricacies of romantic attraction: sexual and sweet. Unafraid to explore the ugly and the sentimental, gin & adrenaline will leave you itching for another fix.

these unholy hands the heart-rending sequel to, gin & adrenaline, a story of heartbreak and heartlessness. these unholy hands unravels the end of the tale through a sequence of poems that seek to answer the question: is happily ever after real?

Teenage Memoirs A Walk in the Park

Dawnlyn Holman ’15, Teenage Memoirs: A walk in the Park

Samantha Corsettle, Daniel Dailey, and Rebecca Taylor have known each other for years. They are best friends, and what could be better than that?

They learn that life is tough. It’s full of choices, and it’s not always black and white. How does this artistic trio deal with change, stress, and life? Is their bond strong enough to survive anything that approaches them?

Take a walk with them through the most critical times of their lives. Take a walk back through what it was like to be a teenager. Take a walk-through Teenage Memoirs.