Dawnlyn Holman Photo

Laker Alumna Releases Re-branded Version of her Original Novel

Last month, Dawnlyn Holman ’15, released an updated version of the first novel she ever wrote titled “Teenage Memoirs: A Walk in the Park.” As her writing grew and evolved, since the originals release in 2011, Dawnlyn realized that the novel needed changes and re-branding. The first of two in the series, the story is of three friends who have grown up together. Two, Sam and Daniel are in a relationship. They fight to make time together while keeping promises made to each other and their friend Becca, a teenage actress. They all learn that life can become complicated as you grow, which just means that some things take more effort. However, no one has to experience all of that alone. They have each other.

Dawnlyn had an interesting path to LSSU. She was in Canada, just over the border, and was planning on returning home to Pennsylvania to finish her degree program when she heard about Lake State. The English/Creative Writing program at LSSU interested her enough to stay in the area and complete her Bachelor’s here instead of returning home. Speaking on what she enjoyed about the program at LSSU, Dawnlyn stated the small class sizes and the students she met while attending here. Several of which she still stays in contact with, and will never forget the memories they shared together.

After graduating in 2015, Dawnlyn moved back to Pennsylvania, completed her master’s degree in English-Creative Writing, and is currently working on her doctorate while working as a 9-12 English teacher. She is also currently working on a trilogy. The first book is planned for release this summer. She’s about 30,000 words into completing book II of the series and is very excited about it, feeling it is her best work to date.

According to Dawnlyn, the English-Creative Writing program at LSSU helped her learn how to take constructive criticism. “I learned in workshops that everyone has a different style of writing that they enjoy,” said Dawnlyn. “If we write a piece that we are proud of, take the criticism, make desired changes, and keep moving.”

Keep an eye on Dawnlyn’s website for more information related to her upcoming trilogy.