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Audrey Fick '15, The Constipated Elephant, a Mystery at Pennington House; Marquette Island, View from the Snows; Revelation at the Snows

The Constipated Elephant is a mystery of a ninety-nine-year-old lady, Claire, who spins her life out to her nurse, Rosie. In turn, Rosie desires to write Claire's life story. Her husband, John, who works for the FBI warns Rosie to be careful.

Twenty or so years have passed since the arrest of the evil one. Now, in Marquette Island, View from the Snows, Sheriff George is confronted with a dead body and various robberies.

Revelation at the Snows is the second of a trilogy, following the first, Murder in the Snows—Snows being a channel in the Les Cheneaux area of eastern part of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Sheriff George is once again confronted with murder of the worst kind.

Pirate's Treasure

Rick Hancok '75, Good Commander, Bad Commander

If you never have trouble with your boss, don't bother reading this. If you never wonder, "What is God doing with me?" don't bother reading this. The short stories I will tell are all true and are my personal experiences while in the Army. They all describe normal human behaviors by managers both military and civilian. The reason I tell them is that it's my hope that they are an encouragement to anyone who faces similar problems in their jobs and to reassure you that God is watching over you and has a plan for you. You do the right thing every time and let God handle the fall out. Again, if you never have these problems and questions, you should put this aside and read something else.

Pirate's Treasure

Dawnlyn Holman ’15, Take a Chance on Me

Dorian Phillips and Madison Shaye grew up in the same town, but their paths never crossed…until now.

Madison is leary of love. After witnessing her parents’ tumultuous relationship, she thinks avoiding men will help her avoid heartbreak. No matter how her friends encourage her, she’s determined to focus on school and leave dating to everyone else.

Dorian is trying to juggle a life filled with changes. While dealing with a break up and quitting his job, his life is further complicated by his parents’ checkered pasts. A chance meeting with a beautiful redhead was a curveball he didn’t expect.

When their two worlds collide at a mutual friend’s wedding, will they find strength in each other or continue dealing with their problems alone?


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