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Campus Life Update

COVID-19 has brought about interesting times in higher education. Prepping for the return to in person instruction also meant planning and implementing programs that were still engaging but also safe for our students.  In August 2020, Campus Life welcomed students back to campus while still carrying out the Laker Week tradition.  Laker Week is designed to be a weeklong of events to help students transition to LSSU and to meet new people.  This year we knew the goals needed to be the same, but with a few modifications.  Many of our student programs have involved an online component with all in-person events including a check-in for all participants in the case of the need for COVID-19 tracing.  We successfully, thanks to our Lakers, completed Laker Week 2020 safely.

To help protect our community, it was and still is important to keep our students on campus in an effort to limit COVID-19 cases.  Campus Life was tasked at the start of the academic year, with ensuring that at least one program or student engagement opportunity occurred each day during the fall semester.  At the end of October, we are proud to say that we are on our way to this accomplishment.

No one knows what the future holds, what we do know is that students at Lake Superior State University are resilient and they have grit. We know that by working together we can continue to provide a superior experience for our Lakers.

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