Saluja Statue

Dr. Madan Saluja recognized for 50 years of Teaching Values

Dr. Madan Saluja stands next to a statue of himself that was funded by a group of his loyal alumni in recognition of his 50 years of service to LSSU. The statue unveiling was conducted on October 12 during LSSU’s Great Lake State Weekend. It is the values that Saluja taught over 50 years that have made a difference in the lives of so many students.

In his remarks, LSSU President Rodney Hanley emphasized that Dr. Saluja embodies the values that make Lake Superior State University a truly great institution: Honesty.  Integrity.  Commitment.  Passion.  Loyalty.  Rigor.  Friendliness.  Confidence.  Positiveness.  Humor.  And, persistence. “These are all values that I have seen when I’ve looked at the statue,” said Dr. Hanley. “These are values that we all strive for in our everyday lives. For when we do, we all have the potential to impact the lives of those around us in very meaningful ways. Dr. Saluja has been doing this for his entire life.”

Saluja w wife and family

Dr. Madan Saluja with his wife Karuna and their son Vijay, along with his family.

President Hanley told a story about a man who had been a student of Dr. Saluja, who became very successful after he graduated, becoming CEO and President of several companies and employing hundreds of people. But it came to light that he was actually one course short of completing his degree. While the man was not inclined to pursue that one class at that point in his career, Dr. Saluja repeatedly urged him to take the course, telling the alum that he owed it to his mother, who worked so hard to put him through school, who stood by him, and it was her vision to see him complete his degree. Dr. Saluja said his late mother was looking down on him and that she would want him to finish his degree. Dr. Saluja made the necessary arrangements for this alumnus to take his final class, which he then completed. The alum said that it was Dr. Saluja checking in on him and his persistence that convinced him to do this to honor his mother.

Salujas and Berrys

Salujas pose with JJ Berry and his wife

Dr. Hanley also specifically thanked JJ Berry, who was present for the dedication, for his passion and persistence in seeing this project to completion.

Dozens of alumni of the Lukenda School of Business packed the atrium of the recently-renovated Considine Hall for the dedication and unveiling of the statue. Dr. Saluja is well known and respected by Business alumni for his friendly smile, depth of knowledge, and dedication to student success. His students graduate with a mastery of the principles of business, but also with wisdom, values and ideals that have been accumulated for more than half a century.

“This statue honors a man, and his commitment to an institution forged over 50 years of service and dedication,” concluded Dr. Hanley. “But the sculpture also highlights all that is good about Lake Superior State University and the faculty and staff who work here, the students who study here, and the alumni who proudly graduated from here.”